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  • The IT Crowd VoIP Cloud PBX

    Our cloud telephony platform provides advanced call function capabilities while allowing business an affordable and configurable solution. Our hosted PBX solution allows users in remote locations to be seamlessly integrated under a single unified plan.

    Our VOIP Cloud PBX platform provides advanced capabilities and features as below:

    • Auto-attendant
    • Call forward
    • Call on-hold
    • Call transfer
    • Call waiting
    • Call return
    • Call queuing
    • Pickup group
    • Caller ID blocking
    • Call Screening
    • White/Blacklists
    • PIN authorization
    • Simultaneous Ringing
    • Call recording
    • Conference calling
    • Distinctive Ringing
    • Voicemail
    • Voicemail to email
    • Visual voicemail
    • Do not disturb
    • Multiple phone device support
    • Follow me
    • Shortcode dialing
    • Direct dial numbers
    • Inbound automatic failover routing
    • Music-on-hold
    • Wake up call
    • Video calling
    • Geographic nomadicity
    • Remote call back
    • Remote dial tone

    More detailed information explaining the call features below:

    Inbound Calls

    Auto Attendant/IVR Create your own auto attendant prompts for callers Outbound Calls. Now available with extension dialing option. You can have an option which prompts for an extension.
    "If you know the extension you wish to dial press '0' now, otherwise press 1 for sales, 2 for support etc."
    Call Queuing Calls can be queued until you answer them
    Call Forwarding Setup your calls to forward when you are on the phone or if you do not answer. Call forward on unreachable (when use loses registration or goes offline)
    Do Not Disturb Automatically forward calls to voicemail or play busy tone if you do not wish to be disturbed
    Call Waiting Choose whether to answer another call if you are already on the phone
    Group Call Pickup & Directed Call Pickup Call pickup service allows you to remotely pick up an incoming call to another phone in your group or account.
    Call Rejection Options Choose whether to accept calls from Anonymous callers and specify your own list of blacklisted numbers
    Call Screening Options All calls at standard VoIP call ratesChoose whether to screen all or just anonymous incoming calls
    Voicemail Service Set your Voicemail PIN number and select whether to disable the service
    Voicemail to Email Setup voicemail to send voicemail messages to an email address as a WAV file Send voicemails to another mailbox in the same group allowing shared mailboxes
    Voicemail SMS alert SMS alerts on new voicemails - these cost 30c per SMS
    Visual Voicemail Login to VoIP portal to view and read voicemail messages
    Simultaneous Ring / One number When you receive a call your home phone, work phone and mobile can all ring simultaneously. You can use up to 5 other numbers ring
    Hunt Mode option available with Simultaneous Ring (where the Sim Ring number is called without following the other features on that line e.g. Voicemail etc)

    Outbound Calls

    Authorization PIN Code Setup an authorization Pin Code to protect any calls made on your account
    Speed Dial Program 8-speed dial numbers so you can quickly make calls by entering a single digit
    Dial by Name Can't remember a phone number? Dial the person's name using the alphabetic digits 2-9 on your keypad and the system will automatically search your contacts for the number
    Call Privacy and Caller ID Choose whether to make anonymous calls by blocking or replacing your own Caller ID
    Last Number Redial You can dial *66 to redial the last number you called. Select your confirmation options here
    Call Return You can dial *69 to dial the last number that called you. Select your confirmation options here Advanced


    Call Recording Setup your call recording options for all your inbound and outbound calls are automatically recorded or not
    Conferencing Use your Kiwilink number and create a room to talk with others at the same time
    Remote Call Back Call your Kiwilink number from any phone. When you hear ringing, hang up and you will be called back - so you can make a call from Kiwilink!
    Remote Dial Tone Make calls from your Kiwilink account from another phone by remotely dialing in to initiate the call
    Call Transfers During a call, you can transfer the other person to a new number by dialing #0 for an attended transfer or ## for a blind transfer
    Wake up Call You can ask Kiwilink to send you a wake-up call Preferences
    Video Calling Make and receive video calls
    Geographic Nomadicity Setup NZ local phone number to make and receive calls with standard NZ rates from anywhere in the world
    Codecs G.711 a-law codec, 
    G.711 u-law codec, 
    GSM, iLBC, G.729 , H.263 , 
    H.264 , G.722
    SIP over TCP, TLS and encrypted RTP (SRTP) SIP over TCP, TLS and encrypted RTP (SRTP) support

    Prices exclude GST and are subject to change.