• Quality Work, Every Time

    Our technicians are courteous, respecting your business. Our attention to detail quality, safe work every time!

    Providing the Support and Backup You Need

    All our stores are open Monday to Friday 8.30am till 5pm Saturday 10am till 2pm

    Our technicians are available on your schedule! Call ahead to schedule a convenient appointment.


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  • Virtual Assistant

  • Perfect for businesses of all sizes who simply don’t have the time to do paperwork, invoicing and other things


    • Invoicing – We can invoice your clients after each job or when needing
    • Quoting – We can write all your quoting and email to you or to your client
    • Emailing – We can respond to your emails and send out emails on your behalf
    • Bills – We can put all your billing into your invoice program and file them in your own folder on the system
    • DocuWriting – We can write any documents that you need done write down to your power point and excel data
    • Making Calls – We can make calls on your behalf to make appointments and bookings on your behalf


    Our Plans

    Outbound calling costs to mobile phones are 25c per minute
    Outbound calling costs to landlines are 15c per minute

     All Pricing are plus GST