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  • Wherever you are in New Zealand, we can secure a toll-free 0800 number for your business


    Our toll-free service is very easy and just works. Pick your number or transfer an existing in. Tell us where you want those calls to go and we’ll direct your 0800 number calls to that number. Our low pricing makes it afford able to have one

    Competitive pricing on toll-free 0800 numbers

    Our toll free calling rates are as low as 4c per minute from a landline or 16c per minute from a mobile phone. Toll-free lines are charged based on your usage only! Toll-free numbers can be redirected to your existing landline /mobile at no extra charge. Our pay monthly 0800 number service is currently only open to businesses within New Zealand. If you would like a personal 0800 number, please let us know and we will try and secure it for you.

    Ask us to provide a free review of your existing service today to provide a customised toll-free package to suit the needs of your business.

  • 0508 or 0800 numbers redirecting to a landline

    Line charge: $5 per month 
    Calls from a landline: $0.04 per minute
    Calls from a mobile: $0.16 per minute

    *excl GST. .

  • 0508 or 0800 numbers redirecting to a mobile phone

    Line charge: $5 per month
    Calls from a landline: $0.18 per minute
    Calls from a mobile: $0.22 per minute

    *excl GST. .