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  • VoIP Numbers

  • VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”, which is a technology that allows you to make phone calls using your broadband connection instead of your regular phone service
    You can keep your existing phone numbers
    Existing phone hardware can be used with a VoIP adaptor, or new VoIP hardware can be purchased

  • Voice Mail Call Forwarding all other Calling                                                                                      $8.50 / Month
    Sip trunk or Device connection 5 Shared calling Channels                                                                 $8.00/ Month

    DDI (NZ Landline Number & NZ                                                                                                     $2.00/ Month
    NZ Toll Free Setup/Porting                                                                                                             $30.00 One Off
    NZ Landline Porting                                                                                                                       $20.00 One Off


    New Zealand Geographic & Mobile Calling Rates


    Dial Code


    Local (Within the same LICA)



    National (Between LCA)



    NZ Mobile




    Pricing are Ex-GST